Build brand voice

Strategic Solutions builds brand voice through the execution of integrated public relations campaigns. We do this by first identifying a bespoke message hierarchy that is turned into a news campaign for roll-out using relevant, time-sensitive, headline-driven content.

A Message Hierarchy is the use of clear, complementary, compelling but not corny words, phrases and paragraphs. These will accurately describe the brand offer, delivery and promise in an intelligent, news worthy manner.

The Message Hierarchy and Message Centres – the latter being the actual product offering - are then rolled-out in ‘drips’ over a campaign period.

This bespoke exercise may involve a series of client-interactive workshops, and in many cases results in a ‘new language and/or vocabulary’.

Take the phrase Corporate Arabia for example.

Strategic Solutions threw this out to market in the pr campaign that drove the first Arab Strategy Forum in 2002. Now, the Dubai Strategy Forum, and a key platform of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Corporate Arabia has become a much-used definition.

Another compelling example is ‘the fifth P in the marketing mix – the P for People…’

Strategic Solutions used this tagline in a mid-nineties campaign for a values-based training company, TMI, now People Achieve. This phrase is now adopted internationally.

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