We have put them on the spot!

Building Brand Positioning
Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina
Michael Scully
“The Strategic Solutions team worked as part of my team to ensure that Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina opened its doors with a brand image already drawn in the mind’s eye of the market. They were instrumental in helping us identify our tagline ‘the Mina Effect…’, which has become a ‘must have’ experience for people of all ages who just wanna have fun!”

Creating PR Voice
Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Grosvenor House
Pam Wilby

“Having worked creatively on Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Susan helped steer my communications task force in their endeavours to create a ‘me only’ not a ‘me too’ positioning for our second property, Grosvenor House. This was achieved by adopting a vocabulary – a speak that is Grosvenor House, and Grosvenor House alone. This speak has been effectively translated from pr words into photographic styling, and has enabled a platform on which we could individualise all of our restaurant outlets, while ensuring that their respective brands complemented Grosvenor House…”

Crafting Strategy
Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, Seraii
Sami Zoghbi
“Strategic Solutions was the natural choice for me when looking for a team that would work intelligently and pro-actively on the building of a new hotel brand, and one on a sharia-compliant platform at that. Susan was my first, and only port of call…I know she will deliver, and with the same passion that she and her team gave to Le Meridien, our last project together…”

Delivering Results
Mezze Associates
Russel Sharpe
"Susan has one characteristic, which is also her competitive difference. She is not a pr pushover and if she doesn't agree with the suggested strategy, she is ready to debate a full marketing team. However she is also able to respect direction, and with the team then passionately embraces the agreed road map. Strategic Solutions consistently produces pr material - both words and photography - that earns hero positions in the region's competitive media. Accordingly I have maintained professional touch points with Susan and Strategic Solutions for over two decades and multi-brands"

Understanding the Message
Orient Tours, Al Qassimi Group
His Excellency Shaikh Faisal Al Qassimi
“Strategic Solutions are a hands-on team, that are able to take the load off of the nitty gritty of pr planning, while ensuring that it is the client’s voice that is heard loud, clear and accurately… we have worked with Susan since 1993.”

Strategic Team Player
The Bench
Jonathan Worsley
“Susan is a member of Arabian Hotel Investment Conference’s (AHIC) alumni advisory board. She recognised early on that AHIC would bring recognition, transparency and sustainability to hotel investment in Arabia. Susan and her team have supported AHIC from the outset and have played a multifaceted role from pr voice, to platform speaker, to protocol. She is consistent in her ability to empower her team, and others, to embrace the topic and deliver excellence…”

Imparting the Message
Interval International
David Clifton
“Strategic Solutions was incredibly quick to pick up and understand the complex workings of the vacation ownership industry. This was invaluable in promoting Interval International's Vacation Ownership Conference (VOIC). Over a period of three years, under Susan’s regional pr leadership, VOIC has become the Middle East's leading industry conference and our media coverage of this annual event, and that of Interval through out the remainder of the year, has grown at a phenomenal rate. i appreciate all the efforts and energy that Susan and her team have put into helping elevate both our industry and Interval's position in the mind's eye of governments, developers and the consumers in the region."

Speaking to Multi-Markets
Capital Partners
Jonathan Wride
“Strategic Solutions gave it straight. In fact, they told us to ‘go away and come back in six months’ as we were too early to market, unlike their market peers who seemed all too eager to grab our pr purse. We did come back, and Susan and her team identified winning topics for a tricky subject that generated global headlines. One story alone generated more than 800 clips worldwide!”

Gaining the PR Edge
Dubai 2003, Federal National Council
Ibrahim Belselah
“Susan was my first choice to help create and drive strategic positioning in a number of projects over the years. Most notable is Dubai 2003 – World Banks Meet, when Susan and her team worked on the brand development and management and latterly on the 100-day countdown pr strategy, where 22 stories, some considered controversial at the time, ensured that Dubai 2003 gave a clear voice to global media. Susan more recently worked with me on the first parliamentary elections in the UAE.”

Creating Campaigns
Imperial College London Diabetes Centre
Johnny Hazboun
“Strategic Solutions has helped ICLDC put diabetes in the news and on the map, with story after story appearing in all aspects of the nation’s media throughout 2007. The SS team is also instrumental in helping us craft a winning integrated campaign to kick this debilitating disease.”

Seamless Communication
Ascent Technologies
Peggy Farley
“Susan leads a team that is so effective in the delivery of relevant headline publicity that I rarely need to meet the team, which is a blessing as I am based in the United States! They offer intelligent, timely, result-driven counsel and our press exposure is always well conceived and well executed!”

Crossing Cultural Boundaries with Ease
Abu Dhabi Securities Markets
Rashed Al-Baloushi
“Strategic Solutions won the bid to become ADSM’s communications counsel during 2007 to lead the Marketing Awareness team in pr best practice over five other agencies. There were a variety of reasons for the selection, but the key factor was the team that included specialists in communication with expertise in the capital market complemented with Strategic Solutions’ seeming ability to communicate well at various levels. Susan led her team and ADSM’s to help carve a high-profile pr positioning for ADSM at regional financial markets - and to craft a legacy of a working pr platform for our team”.

Steadfast to Strategic Objectives
Ahmed Janahi
“Susan often says ‘no pain, no gain…’ but with little pain, and lots of gain, she has diligently managed to help me keep Batelco’s Corporate Affairs team engaged and on track to meet the objectives of a three-year roadmap, now one year in…”

Team Spirit
Fairmont Hotel, Dubai
Kent Cooper
“Susan is considered an alumni member of Fairmont Hotel Dubai. She worked on the broad pre-opening strategy as one of the specially-selected task force members, and was instrumental in ensuring that our flagship property became a known name among the region’s media but also the region’s travel trade at a particularly difficult time for hospitality markets. With her specialist team, she did this by encouraging us to try new and subsequently effective strategies that immediately stood us in stead and on track to constantly meet – and beat targets.”